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Mothanna Al-Obaidi

A calligrapher and an artist born in Baghdad, Iraq with an honorable P.HD  in Arabic calligraphy from Dar Assalam college in Turkey.


  • PHD in Arabic calligraphy from Dar Assalam college in Turkey 2015

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, the University of Baghdad, 1995. 

Professional and Artistic Experience:

  • Member of the Business Division in the Sharjah International Forum, (2010).

  • Jury member of the Islamic Art Forum, Muscat, (2011).

  • Calligraphy for ‘Mushaf Al-Faisal’ at 2017  


  • First prize winner of the Thuluth  and Second prize winner of the Thuluth and Naskh Script at the Fourth International Competition (Hamad Allah Al-Amasi), Istanbul, 1998.

  • The Iraqi Innovation Award for Iraqi Art, 1999.

  • The Burda Prize for Arabic Calligraphy, Abu Dhabi, (2009).

  • The Okaz Prize for Islamic Art, (2010).

  • Personal exhibition in Sharjah by special invitation from the Emir of Sharjah, HRH Prince Sultan Al-Qasimi, (2009).

  • personal exhibition in Luxembourg  at 2017

  • Personal exhibition in Sharjah 2017

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